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iPhone 6S vs Galaxy S6 - Detailed Camera Comparison

what's up guys I said back again from Texas and welcome to another detailed camera comparison test this time we are facing off the iPhone 6s plus against the Samsung Galaxy s6 but before we jump into the samples let's take a quick look at the specs the iPhone 6s plus has a 12 megapixel rear facing camera with an aperture of 2.2 that can shoot up to 4k resolution and the galaxy s6 has a 16 megapixel camera with a 1.9 aperture that can also shoot up to 4k resolution for processing cameras the iPhone 6s plus has if a megapixel camera that can shoot up to 720p whereas the 5 megapixel camera on the s6 can shoot up to 1080p if you guys want to pimp out your smart phones with the sickest skins on the planet then you should check out the brand's they have a bunch of different types for practically all devices including smartphones laptops and even consoles but I'm gonna drop a link down below for anyone that is interested so without wasting any more time let's sit back relax and take a look at some samples you when it comes to autofocusing these 6s Plus does a great job it utilizes its focus pixels feature to detect the object quickly and focus with 100% accuracy the galaxy s6 also does a phenomenal job accuracy and speed is there on both cameras I honestly don't have any complaints when it comes to daytime video both phones shoot exceptional crispy footage the s6 is more towards the warmer side whereas the 6s plus leans more towards the cooler colors the iPhone 6 plus however has slightly better dynamic range if you pay attention to the background you can actually see more of the mountain whereas it's slightly overexposed on the s6 so for daylight video the 6s takes the point when it comes to the light video the s6 easily takes the point not only does it have a much wider field of view but the objects are far more visible if you pay attention to the billboard you can actually read most of the words on there from the s6 footage whereas it's mostly blurry from the 6s Plus low-light video goes to the s6 for stabilization both phones were shot in 4k and were strapped on a device to ensure a very accurate stabilization reading I had to rewatch the video a bunch of times because both phones are practically identical both the success and the s6 have optical image stabilization however if you pay attention really carefully you can see that the s6 is actually slightly more stable and for that I will award the point to the s6 but honestly it's barely noticeable and both phones doing outstanding job what's up guys and welcome to the front-facing video camera and microphone quality test portion of the video between the iPhone 6s plus and the galaxy s6 both of the phones are being shot in a tides resolution and also there'll be an audio icon somewhere on the screen that will indicate which phone's audio used also because it listen to this on your headphones I'm going to stay quiet for a bit so you guys can hear the actual background noise poor front-facing video the s6 has sharper footage since it's being shot in 1440p and it also has a much wider field of view the 6s plus however is stuck at 720p so I'll give the point to the s6 for sharper footage however the 6s plus takes a point for having a much better dynamic range the background on the s6 is completely overexposed whereas it's nicely balanced on the 6s plus for microphone quality the s6 takes the point simply because it has a much louder mic now let's take a look at daytime picks the s6 has warmer colors whereas the 6s plus is more on the cooler side the 6s Plus also tends to have more contrast which makes the colors pop whereas you get a more flatter look on the s6 a great example is this shot of the purple flowers now in terms of true-to-life colors the iPhone six-plus nails it on almost every shot the s6 has slightly more saturation which makes the red stand out a bit too much the true colors of the flowers and leaves in this pic are resembled best by D 6s plus and the same goes for the subscribe below the yellow Jeep and my red shirt you can really see the saturation levels clearly from the galaxy s6 from this pick dynamic range also goes to these 6s plus the exposure levels are always on point no matter the shot and you get a nicely balanced exposure whereas the background on the s6 is overexposed most of the time in terms of sharpness the s6 takes the point I'm sorry but the 12 megapixel camera just doesn't compete with the 16 megapixel camera from the s6 I mean both phones have their strengths and weaknesses but overall the iPhone 6 plus has a much better camera for daylight pictures if you factor in everything I mentioned which is why it gets the point for daytime picks for low-light pictures both phones do a pretty good job for the most part the color reproduction on the s6 is a lot better than the 6s plus you can really see the colors more even in low-light however the pictures are more sharper on the 6s Plus here's a picture of the billboard sign but cropped in 100% you can see that the word deluxe is a lot more sharper on the 6s Plus same thing for indoors you can see the entire Logitech mouse whereas some parts are darker on the galaxy s6 also when it comes to motion the 6s plus does a much better job the shutter speed is much slower on the s6 which results in more motion blur so that question the 6s plus takes the point for low-light pictures lastly when it comes to flash both phones an exceptional job both from a distance or even close-up shots however the point goes to the galaxy s6 simply because the final shot is more true to life like in this picture with the red flowers whereas the iPhones flash alters the final image so if you guys counted all the points the clear winner is the iPhone 6s Plus now before all the Phandroid dislike the video please keep in mind that this was a fair test and nothing was altered on the pictures everything you saw in the video with the raw files straight from the cameras if you guys enjoyed this camera comparisons and want me to continue doing them then please hit that like button to show your support also let me know what you guys want to see go up against the iPhone 6s by dropping a comment down below once again thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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