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iPhone 8 and 8 Plus - Should You Upgrade?

what's ambassador from Texas and welcome to my quicken boxing and comparison between the iPhone 8 plus and the iPhone 8 also with a giveaway near the end also at the end of the video I'll be sharing my honest opinion if you guys should really upgrade to the eighth plus or I'm also kind of kind of compared to my current main driver which is the iPhone 7 plus alright so let's get these out of their boxes it's pretty straightforward to get the same stuff that you would get from the iPhone 7 and 7 plus the phone is on top and underneath you get the accessories the usual 3.5 millimeter jack adapter and below that you get the charging cable and the power brick in terms of design everything is pretty much the same coming from the 7 and 7 plus accept the fact that they now have glass for the front and back and with that glass change you also get wireless charging and since it does have a glass back it is a fingerprint magnet so I do recommend picking up a skin or even a case to protect it in the case I'm using in this video is from tech 21 they do offer a variety of clean looking cases that protect your iPhone from drops up to 10 feet I like these cases because the designs are minimalistic and they don't add any bulk to your phone also the buttons are very easy to press and the cutouts are large enough that they don't block out any ports so you don't have to worry about plugging in third-party accessories if you guys want to check them out I'll drop a link to these below as well there's also a difference in battery life and surprisingly it's a downgrade depending on how you look at it the iPhone 8 and 8 plus will have smaller batteries than their predecessors however Apple stated that they will last about the same this probably means the battery optimization through software has improved allowing you to get these same battery life on both devices either way I was expecting some upgrades these phones are supposed to be the upgrades of the iPhone 7 and 7 plus but instead we get a smaller battery that's supposed to last around the same time according to the website which is kind of lame to be honest also not to mention that the 8 and 8 plus are heavier and larger I'm not even joking it's on the actual website but you don't see Apple mentioning that in their notes are iPhone 8 and A+ are not only thicker now but they're also heavier I mean at least it's faster it is featuring the new a11 Bionic chip and the m11 motion coprocessor and based on benchmarks it completely destroys the note 8 and d1 + 5 which are the top competing Android devices for Geekbench 4 and just to give you guys an idea the baseline score of four thousand on Geekbench 4 equates to an Intel Core i7 6600 you and the iPhone 8 + a+ scored more than double that while the actual size and weight are slightly bigger on the new iPhones the resolution remained the same the camera also got a nice bump it's actually featuring a new sensor and although the specs look identical on paper the quality of the images have been improved first up on the list is the dynamic range you guys can definitely tell from this picture the foreground is much darker than the background on these 7 plus or as it's more balanced on the 8 plus I feel like the exposure is balanced very well there was one thing I don't like about the 8 + 8 + and that's actually the saturation you can obviously tell the difference between the two the 8 + 8 + have more saturation in their pictures the colors are more vibrant and they pop whereas the 7 + 7 + have more true-to-life colors which is actually what I personally prefer also if you pay attention to the grass in this picture you can see that the 8th + has slightly warmer colors compared to the cooler side of these 7 + lo a performance has also been improved slightly you can still see some grain from the 8 but it's not as much compared to these 7 I also like the flash on the 8 + it doesn't over expose the shot like it does in these 7 + the front facing camera on both phones do look similar except once again the 8 + has slightly more saturation and now they can actually shoot up to 4k resolution at 60 fps and slo-mo video had 240 FPS in 1080p that's pretty cool the 7 + 7 + could also shoot in slow-mo at 240 FPS but only in 720p one thing that is new for photos is their new portrait lighting which is a fancy term for filters you can basically take a picture and give the image and effect to replicate in lighting scenarios if you ask me it's a gimmick just like live photo was I mean the difference is very miniscule and I guarantee almost no one is gonna use it after a few months he also introduced a new true tone display which essentially changes the white point of the display and adjust the brightness to compensate for the lighting in the environment what this means is that if you're in a room with warm lighting the screen will adjust with the temperature of the room if you guys pay close attention over here you can see the brightness and the color temperature change on the screen and finally the phones are both still water-resistant rated at ip67 meaning you can submerge the iPhone in one meter for three point three feet of water for about thirty minutes and speaking of water resistance so I'm actually heading out to a cruise on the 25th to the Caribbean and there's gonna be a lot of thunderstorms and rain I'm sure because of Hurricane Maria and I'm gonna be taking the iPhone 8 plus with me because I'm sure you guys noticed there was an audible app on the phone and that's because I'm gonna be using it on the trip so I my flight to Florida and back I'm actually gonna be listening to my favorite show Game of Thrones I'm currently on book number two and if you guys are a fan of the show on HBO just like me I strongly recommend checking it out especially since we have to wait a while for season seven there's a lot of stuff that they leave out on the show so it's interesting to learn more about the backstory and scenes that they never showed this video is brought to you by audible and because of that they are giving my viewers a free audiobook with a 30 day trial membership just visit slash Texas and download your free audiobook today you can install it for your PC or download it for your smartphone or tablet and take it with you wherever you go even if you guys cancel your membership after you pick your first book you get to keep the book forever it's completely yours you got nothing to lose so make sure you guys check it out at slash tech stores and start your 30-day trial and get your free book as well I drop a link to it down below this entire next week I'm gonna be flying and cruising with audible so let me know in the comment section below what you guys love to listen to audible the iPhone 8 and 8 plus have some decent upgrades but let's be real this is technically the 7s and 7s plus I would definitely stick around for the iPhone X or go with the Android route however if you don't like the iPhone X or you know pretty much made up your mind and you much rather keep the home button and if you want a faster iPhone with some updated video features like slow-mo at 240fps and an improved camera sensor then sure go out and throw your money at Apple if you really are invested in iOS but for me personally I think I'm gonna hold off for the iPhone X just because the eight or eight plus honestly better impress me and I'm gonna wait and see what the iPhone X is about before I decide on my main driver all right so now for the giveaway if you want to enter for a chance to win one of these two phones I'm actually keeping the rose gold I'm giving away a silver silver and Space Gray iPhone eight plus two to lucky subscribers and the structures to enter are very simple I'll drop a gleam link down below just follow the instructions on that and you are good to go obviously if it be a subscriber of tech source if you guys want to drop a like that would be awesome but it's not mandatory and let me know in the comments section whether you want the silver or the Space Gray this is international guys so no matter where you live in the world you are eligible to enter the only thing is I have to warn you guys depending on what country you live in there might be some import fees or custom fees and for something like an iPhone 8 plus it's gonna be at least over a hundred dollars so keep that in mind before you enter the giveaway because you're responsible for those fees not me I'll be announcing the winners on October 1st on my Twitter account so make sure you guys are keeping your eyes on that you don't have to have a Twitter account or you have to follow me just make sure you guys check the announcement on October 1st because a lot of people don't claim their prizes so I have to pick another winner the winner will have 24 hours to claim the prize so make sure you guys keep an eye out for that day it's pretty much it thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoy the video toss a like if you didn't feel free to dislike as well and I'll see you in the next video peace
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