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iPhone X Battery Test - Wireless vs Wired

how long does it take to fully charge an iPhone 10 on a wireless Qi charger and a wired connection well that's kinda what this quick video was about I'm gonna be charging two brand new iPhone tens from zero to a hundred percent and see how long it's gonna take using both methods the wireless she charger I'm using is from ravpower and this is claimed to have fast wireless charging for the iPhone 10 and both the iPhone 8 models however the current iOS does not have fast wireless charging enabled just yet but once Apple releases it in a later update you can take advantage of the fast wireless charging feature so rath power Qi charger has a maximum output of 7.5 watts which is actually 50% faster than traditional 3.5 watt qi chargers and just for comparison reasons the stock Apple power brick actually has an output of 5 watts the charger itself is very sleek with anti rubber coating that won't scratch the back of your new iPhone and it also prevents phones from slipping off furthermore you can always protect your phone with some skins I currently have the black carbon fiber wrapped behind my iPhone 7 plus while I wait for the new iPhone 10 skins to arrive it's a minimalistic approach to not only protecting your phone from getting scratches but also adding some grip in the process I'll drop a link to some D brand skins down below and the Qi charger if you guys want to check it out so as I said before these are both fresh iPhone tens that I just unboxed and I purposely drained the batteries so that they shut off completely I'm gonna plug one of the phones into the wall using the Apple power brick and lightning cable and I'm gonna be placing the other one on the ravpower Qi wireless charger and start the timer both phones have the exact same settings out of the box they are connected to the same network and they don't have any extra apps installed or have anything running in the background we can see at the 30 minute mark that the iPhone 10 that's plugged directly in the wall is already a twenty two percent while the wireless charging iPhone is at 17 percent fast-forwarding to the one hour mark we can see that the number is pretty much doubled the wired is at 42 percent and the wireless is at 30 percent and finally a full charge on the iPhone 10 using the stock Apple lightning cable and power brick will take you two hours and 58 minutes starting from zero percent while the wireless charging phone is still at 79 percent almost after three hours later it would take you around four hours and 20 minutes to fully charge your iPhone 10 wirelessly without the fast wireless charging option keep in mind guys the new Apple fast wireless charging feature is not yet available on the brand new iPhones that's actually coming in a later update so make sure you guys are subscribed because I'm gonna be doing this entire test with the new update the pretty much wraps up this video if this was somewhat helpful to you guys dropping a like would be awesome but if you guys didn't like it feel free to dislike as well that's cool too it'll take me an entire day to shoot this video believe it or not and this is a type of videos that you guys love watching make sure to let me know in the comments section because I think I'm gonna start doing more of these as time moves on but anyway see you guys so much for watching I'll drop a link to the D brand skin I use as well as the Qi charger below if you guys want to check it out thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next one
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